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"Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival"
This, the 14th Annual festival was held at Clark Airbase, Pampanga, in February 2009.
Last years was the 12th festival, they skipped the unlucky 13th!


Philippine Balloon Festival

Mike gets the dive boat ready

Subic Bay
Subic Bay in the North of the Philippines was formerly the site of a US naval base.

The bay is a good place for diving, there are many submerged wrecks of warships, boats and planes.

Sadly it is over ten years since I last went diving.  This picture shows my friend Mike geting the dive boat ready for a picnic.  

Other attractions in the Subic area include Zoobic zoo park, that features a tiger safari, and Ocean Adventure marine park.



Davao is the largest city on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

Davao has a tropical climate and is famous for its fruit, especially the Durian whose smell pervades the city streets.

Whilst in Davao we rented transport, and visited the Crocodile Park, Butterfly Centre, Eden Nature Park, and the Philippine Eagle centre.

Here I am with Julie at Eden nature park.


Me and Julie
Philippine Tarsier

The little island of Boho is situated just over 2 hours south of Cebu by ferry boat.

Bohol has a very nice coastline, and pleasant countryside with the features such as the Chocolate hills, 1268 giant molehill shaped hills which we visited on a daytrip.

Also on our trip we visited the Baclayon church, one of the oldest in the Philippines, went rafting on the Loboc river, descended into a cave, and visited a Tarsier sanctuary.

Here is one of the Tarsiers we saw.

The Tarsier is the smallest primate (monkey) in the world, found only in parts of Indonesia and the Philippines.  It cannot move its large eyes, but rotates its head through 180 degrees.  It is unfortunately on the edge of extinction.