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"The Grund"
A picturesque valley, running through the heart of Luxembourg City.



Danielle in the Place de Paris, Luxembourg

Place de Paris
This is a very pleasant area in which to relax outside with a meal or drink, especially during the warm summer months.

When working in Luxembourg, I often visited the restaurants here for the Plat du jour at lunchtime, or met friends here at the start of the evening before moving on for a meal elsewhere.

Here I enjoy a drink after work with Danielle.


The City
Many of the people working in Luxembourg City commute from surrounding countries on a daily basis.  Because of this the city often seems quiet at night.

On many occasions I travelled away for weekends in Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium, and Cologne (Koln) in Germany.

Here I enjoy a quick beer with Hugh, in the Bistrot Skyline, near the Ducal Palace.

Skyline Cafe, Luxembourg
Luxembourg Barbecue

Barbecue Time

A regular feature of summer months in Luxembourg is a good barbecue.

Thuringer and Mettwurst sausages served with mustard, and Gromperekichelcher (shredded potato cakes) are the standard fare at the local fairs.

This amazing feast created by Hugh and Yvi was a hundred times better.

As usual it was served with various salads, followed by a selection of deserts and washed down with ample wine and beer.